Founded in 2016, the Aryamond company was created by the Arya brothers, first-generation entrepreneurs committed to transforming the tradition-bound fine jewellery industry and the world of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Developed by Aryamond, Diamond2 is a revolutionary lab-grown gemstone aimed at offering an attractive, affordable and eco-conscious alternative to conventional jewellery.

Headquartered in Singapore, Diamond2 operates at the intersection of cutting-edge science and contemporary fine jewellery. The family-led brand relies on a global team of talented designers, engineers and craftspeople to deliver an inspiring product line designed to cater to the modern jewellery consumer.

Group Karamchand
Managed by Bimal Arya, Anil Arya and Naveen Arya (Arya brothers) together with a dedicated team of professional managers, Group Karamchand is active in a variety of industries, including real estate, luxury goods and consumer products. Aryamond and its Diamond2 innovation is the latest in a line of achievements. The group has a proven track record developing industry-changing products, most notably AllOut, a best-selling household mosquito repellent that resulted in making the brand a generic pseudonym for this category. Thereafter, exited from household mosquito repellent business “AllOut” to a US multinational.
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